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good luck on your cosmic journey · 

floresflores - ocean (Video)

New video premiere on Everything Is Noise.


floresflores - uno (Album)

The debut album from floresflores is here. Click to listen on your favorite streaming patform.


The Cosmic Journeys - DTFO (Single)

The house band shares some triumphant, roll-the-credits, politcal fuck-offery. It's Nazi Punks Fuck Off meets bubblegum pop in this radical political anthem.

floresflores - placed (Video)

The placed video is something out of 2 worlds.

The Cosmic Journeys - DTFO (Video)

We found this old VHS tape. There were definitely some aliens here in the eighties, they luckily had the foresight of gifting us this song.

floresflores - form (Single)

Cosmic Journeys #3.


floresflores - ocean (Single)

Cosmic Journeys #2.


floresflores - placed (Single)

Cosmic Journeys #1 - the debut single from our label.